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TKPH Value

The mine site are prone to transport more and run faster to rise its output. Inevitably, tyre internal temperature will rise due to heavy loading. Tyre has heat-resistance limitation, it is essential to define a rated load. Tyre should run under operated conditions to avoid high temperature.

Working capacity of OTR tyres is calculated by"ton-kilometer per hour"(TKPH),:

                                                    TKPH=Qav x Vay

Qav= average tyre load =1/2 [(empty truck)+(loaded truck)] in kg
Vav= average working speed =[Circle distance X number of round trips] / Total working time, in km/h


If the ambient temperature is higher than 38, the formula for TKPH calculation should be adjusted as following,                                                          

                     TKPH nom                                  
TKPH =                                        
             1 + (Ta C Tnom) *0.0096        
Example for the calculation of maximum working capacity

TKPH of tyre 27.00R49(E-4)
Load of a dump truck
 Load per tyre (kg)  Front axle  Rear axle
 Empty Truck  14480  8500
 Loaded Truck  25320  25320

Average tyre load
Qav = 0.5(14480+25230) = 19900(kg)
Average working speed of a dump truck, km/h

                      2L n
             Vav. = --------

Average working speed of a dump truck, km/h
        V= 6.4552/24=13.975
Considering the ambient temperature, we should revise TKPH as below formula if necessary.
TKPHTKPHnom /[1+(Ta-Tnom) 0.0096]
If the rated TKPH of 27.00R49(E-4)is 350, it is suitable for operating in above working condition because the tyres TKPH(=350) is greater than the real site TKPH(=278).


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